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Get Your Facebook Ads Back On Track in 5 Simple Steps

Has your Facebook ad performance suddenly flatlined? There could be many reasons why your campaigns aren’t delivering the results you’re after. Fear not, this five-step process is here to help you get back on track toward achieving improved ROI and better overall results!

Image of Train Tracks With the Words Get Your Facebook Ads Back On Track
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Customer Acquisition Strategy - A Complete Guide For 2022

It's no secret that customer acquisition is one of the most important aspects of any business. Without new customers, businesses cannot grow and thrive. In order to attract new customers, you need a customer acquisition strategy. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about customer acquisition in

Customer Acquisition Strategy for 2022
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How Your Media Mix Effects Customer Acquisition Cost

Your media purchases can affect your customer acquisition costs. But what does that really mean? Read on for the information you need.

How your media mix effects customer acquisition cost
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Your Definitive Guide to Measuring Brand Awareness

Measuring your brand awareness is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Among other things, it gives you a clear picture of your brand penetration, enabling you to evaluate the impact of your marketing efforts. You also get to identify the most effective marketing channels and campaigns that you should

Guide to measuring brand awareness
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Why You Need a Reliable Growth Marketer: Is Your Marketing Growing Your Brand?

Blaming your competitors could be the easy way out when your sales take a nosedive, regardless of your spirited marketing campaigns. Shoot, maybe it's because you've blown your budget on low funnel search and were never able to scale up your demand. Instead of your marketing growing your brand, it

A growth marketer celebrating while reviewing her campaign