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Keegen Knapp

Hi, my name is Keegen

I'm a passionate growth and product marketer based in Little Rock, Arkansas. I also help scale companies with proven strategies.

My goal is to be helpful and make the biggest impact I can to individuals like you and the companies I work with.

You can do a lot with passion, effort and a strategy!!

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Recent Posts

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How To Use a Display Ad Template to Create Display Ads for Every Marketing Funnel Stage

Do you think that clients wake up one day and say, "I'm planning to make a purchase today?" Of course, no! Instead, they follow a purchasing route that involves study and assessment before making a sales contact. Consider what would happen if every new visitor to your website purchased a

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Your Definitive Guide to Measuring Brand Awareness

Measuring your brand awareness is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Among other things, it gives you a clear picture of your brand penetration, enabling you to evaluate the impact of your marketing efforts. You also get to identify the most effective marketing channels and campaigns that you should

Guide to measuring brand awareness
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Why You Need a Reliable Growth Marketer: Is Your Marketing Growing Your Brand?

Blaming your competitors could be the easy way out when your sales take a nosedive, regardless of your spirited marketing campaigns. Shoot, maybe it's because you've blown your budget on low funnel search and were never able to scale up your demand. Instead of your marketing growing your brand, it

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